Become an Expert In CyberSecurity
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Course Module
Introduction to Information/Cyber Security
Learn the fundamental concepts required to recognize typical cyber threats and assaults and to defend yourself.
Evolution & Importance of Security
Learn the fundamental concepts required to understand Evolution & Importance of Security.
Types of Security Threats
Get in-depth understanding and increase your knowledge of threats and cyber security information.
Cyber Security Domain Map
Learn the fundamental concepts of Telecommunications and Network Security. Information Security Governance and Risk Management.
Security Principles
Learn the fundamental concepts required to define the basic building blocks of any good security program.
Soft Skills You Must Have In Workplace
Learn and understand the importance and applications of soft skills at workplace.
What To Expect
After completing this course, you will earn a cybersecurity
certificate of participation for the key competencies and learning
outcomes listed below:
To secure an IT infrastructure and evaluate and fix
security issues in computers and network systems.
Create policies and procedures for addressing
enterprise security risks.
Defend and protect networks and computer
systems from cybersecurity threats.
Diagnose cybersecurity incidents or crimes
involving computer systems and digital evidence.
Communicating effectively in a professional
context to address information security issues.
Registration Fee(Not a Tuition Fee)
₦ 20,000 (Early Bird ₦ 15,000)

Course Duration
4 - 5 Weeks (Mock Exams Inclusive)
Understanding Security Fundamentals
Cybersecurity is a fast-growing field that addresses the security risks
of our increasingly connected digital world. Learn cybersecurity,
and you will learn how users, companies, and even governments
protect themselves and recover from cyber threats and attacks.
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